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ILKESPORT's international reputation of high quality, commitment, value for money and efficiency has been
achieved by providing full and comprehensive service.

Our services include;

This method of working has been developed over a 25 years period and has proved to be successful and reliable
in both manufacture and installation of the synthetic sports surface.

In keeping with ILKESPORT's reputation with nine machines and over 10 million sqm of production capacity,
we can manufacture all kinds of sports turfs within two weeks after order confirmation; shipping and transport
takes approximately three to four days with artificial grass installation taking a further two to four weeks,
depending on the selected surface.

Our products are appropriate for harsh climatic conditions as they have been used broadly throughout the
world enduring various climatic conditions, counting many facilities in the Far East, Middle East, Africa,
America, and all around Europe including Scandinavian countries.


Green the world
in an environment friendly,
effortless way.


Presenting artificial grass,
flooring systems and subsidiary materials
to global markets
to secure sustainable cooperation
with our business partners.


Trust in all relationships Integrity
at all costs Passion
for what we are doing Long Term
Cooperation Constant