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Artificial Soccer Field Turf

Artificial Turf for Football Fields

Artificial Football Turf

Previously, playing football on artificial turf was something that no one expected but thanks to advanced technology, anything is possible now. Our soccer turf looks like natural turf and offers you excellent quality. Thanks to the durable and resistant structure of our football turf, it absorbs the impact quickly and creates a smooth surface. Installing futboll grass is a cost-effective way to maintain a impeccable football pitches with a professional look without all the maintenance, expense, and environmental headaches and ILKESPORT is the ideal artificial turf manufacturer, supplier and installer for artificial soccer turf.

We increase the performance of our players by one hundred percent by producing artificial turf in FIFA quality. Thanks to our ILKESPORT professionals, we are installing flawless artificial football grass. We know you're thinking how to install artificial grass for football fields.

One of the most important factors affecting the performance of players in football is the playing surface. ILKESPORT manufactures artificial grass fields with exclusive yarns for football that increases players' experience.

Synthetic soccer turfs have an image that cannot be distinguished from natural grass. We guarantee that our artificial lawns meet the required high-quality standards as well as provide a comfortable playing surface.

The Main Benefits of Artificial Soccer Turf

Our artificial grass has many benefits and after sharing these benefits with you, you will want to benefit from our artificial turf.

Low Maintenance: With minimal maintenance, it can withstand your players trotting out onto the field for as long as 20 years. Although the surface must be cleaned regularly, there is no need for time-consuming mowing, ventilation or lawn fertilisation. Also artificial grass does not need to be watered.

It’s Durable: Our artificial football turf was suitable for all weather conditions and artificial grass does not need recovery time between matches. Thanks to the drainage channels built during the construction, there is no water puddle in the field.

Improve Your Performance: The best part of artificial football grass is that it will increase the performance of the players by one hundred percent.

FIFA Quality: We are proud to produce FIFA approved artificial turf for soccer.

You can contact us to find out more and you can have our excellent quality products. If you have a piece of land and want to turn this place into a football ground, you can choose ILKESPORT artificial grass with peace of mind.

Types of Artificial Turf for Soccer

We have many types of artificial turf for football fields and we offer you many options:

Artificial Soccer Turf Omega

Omega Artificial Football Turf

OMEGA has a bold C shape fiber structure which makes it twice as durable as conventional products. Also provides a soft-touch and a more natural appearance. It is inspired by natural colors to provide pitches that look like real grass.

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Artificial Soccer Turf Ultimate

Ultimate Artificial Football Turf

Don't you desire a football field that improves players’ experiences?ULTIMATE series of artificial grass has Diamond shape polyethylene monofilament fibers that help you make it happen.

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Artificial Soccer Turf Powerspine

Powerspine Artificial Football Turf

This product has an exclusive Spine shape which provides the highest standing ability desirable. The benefit of Spine shape is to keep the fiber strong and durable while allowing it possible to reach a wider profile.

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Artificial Soccer Turf Hybrid

Hybrid Artificial Football Turf

HYBRID series artificial grass has a well-balanced combination of two different fibers not only shapes but also types as monofilament and fibrillated. This product is the right choice for intense use. Thanks to its great durability.

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Artificial Soccer Turf Revolution

Revolution Artificial Football Turf

FIFA standard Revolution is the world’s first and only artificial grass in compliance with FIFA Quality Pro without using granule. Well formulated combination of curly fibrillated and straight monofilament fibers put away the necessity of rubber and sand-infill.

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Artificial Soccer Turf Duograss

Duograss Artificial Football Turf

DUOGRASS series consist of completely fibrillated yarn. It is an option which has been proved itself on seven continents since the first grow up period of artificial grass.

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Artificial Football Turf References

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