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Artificial Grass for Sports Fields

Synthetic Sport Turf, Synthetic Grass For Sport Fields

Synthetic Sports Turf

ILKESPORT produces artificial grass for different kinds of sports types. Artificial turf has individual advantages for all when comparing the natural grass. If you want to provide a better experience and increase the players' performances, you should continue to examine our artificial grass products for sports.

Sport artificial grass is an innovative system that combines the advantages of natural turf and the resistance of synthetic turf to offer a professional and safe pitch, resistant, enduring, with reduced maintenance. Our long-lasting grass has a guarantee of up to 8 years thanks to the installation of ILKESPORT.

With our competitive prices, you will save money and have excellent quality and with our various product range of innovative products, we are proud to offer a wide range of services to our customers. We trust our artificial sport turf quality and we guarantee this quality and Also ILKESPORT meets international standards and requirements.

ILKESPORT is the best manufacturer, supplier and installer of artificial grass for sports fields and ILKESPORT supplies and installs premium commercial and synthetic sports turf to international. Thanks to our ILKESPORT professionals, we are installing flawless synthetic sports turf. We know you're thinking how to install artificial grass for sport fields.

When it comes to doing sports, the word safety comes to mind. As ILKESPORT family, our main goal is to produce much more durable, safe and environmentally friendly products for player and our artificial grass for sports is a high performing level for world sports organizations.(FIFA, World Rugby, FIH, ITF, GAA).

You can contact us immediately and have our quality artificial sport turf. Trust us because Quality is never a coincidence, always the result of smart effort.

We produce artificial turf for sports fields and we have a wide variety of artificial sports turf for every sport. Our sport turfs can be used on a variety of sporting fields, including:

Artificial Football Turf

Artificial Football Turf Sport Turf

To increase the pleasure of a soccer game, you need to consider artificial turf fields. “Shoot and Goal” in the best possible pitches.

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Artificial Tennis Turf

Artificial Tennis Turf Sport Turf

Imagine a field consistent and durable you can play on all year round. Exactly what you need for in tennis court for 'Match Point'.

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Artificial Golf Turf

Artificial Golf Turf Sport Turf

With artificial grass for golf pitches, you will feel more professional on the luxurious surface. We offer smooth ground for a smooth play.

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Artificial Cricket Turf

Artificial Cricket Turf Sport Turf

Artificial turf fields for cricket will increase your playing hours and quality. The experience of the ‘Best Run’ of all times.

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Artificial Hockey Turf

Artificial Hockey Turf Sport Turf

Artificial grass pitches for hockey are long-lasting even under intense playing conditions. Try a durable surface that can handle the strong challenge.

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Artificial Rugby Turf

Artificial Rugby Turf Sport Turf

Feel the comfort at every step on the rugby pitches installed with artificial grass. The right pitch for those who aim to run faster.

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Artificial Padel Turf

Artificial Padel Turf Sport Turf

Synthetic turf for Padel will help you with your short movements and provide a better game performance. Play on a more comfortable surface that enables to you react faster.

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Artificial Multisport Turf

Artificial Multisport Turf Sport Turf

Artificial turf pitches for multisport areas are should be preferred by those who want to find solutions to many sports with a single field. Just one surface is enough for all sports.

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Artificial Soccer Turf References

  • Beykoz Stadium
  • Chosun University Stadium
  • Fenerbahçe Stadium
  • Gori Stadium
  • Jouppi Vuori American Football Field
  • Kasımpaşa Stadium
  • Makris Yalios Stadium
  • Merinos Sport Club
  • Turgut Özal Avcılar Stadium
  • Wellington International School