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Artificial Grass for Tennis Courts

Artificial Grass for Tennis Courts

Synthetic Tennis Court

ILKESPORT is the best manufacturer, supplier and installer of artificial grass for tennis courts and ILKESPORT synthetic grass is the excellent alternative for tennis court owners who are tired of maintenance costs and repairs. Our tennis courts are allergen-free and have a weed barrier against bug infestation. Our superior infill and drainage system allows water to drain quickly to prevent pooling on the surface. So players can use the courts even when it rains.

ILKESPORT artificial turf provides trouble-free maintenance, time and money savings with its natural looking beautiful surface.

Compared to natural grass, artificial turf pitches for tennis can be a more advantageous choice. It requires less maintenance, is user-friendly, wear-resistant, preserves its color for a long time, and is not affected by weather conditions. We offer two different products as synthetic turf for tennis courts.

Benefits of Tennis Court Artificial Grass:

The ways in which our artificial turf can be used are limited only by your imagination.

Wherever you want us to install our synthetic tennis grass, it will provide a perfect look and quality. Of our company, we are proud to be the best artificial turf manufacturers of turkey.

You can visit contact us to find out more and you can have our excellent quality products.

Slice Tennis Turf

Slice Tennis Court Turf

The opportunity to play lawn tennis the entire year period. SLICE artificial grass for tennis courts is the most advanced and durable artificial grass tennis surface in our range.

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Ace Tennis Turf

Ace Tennis Court Turf

Tennis court synthetic lawn ACE was produced specifically for tennis sports schools, educational institutions, private tennis courts, and tennis club courts, which could be used for both amateur and professional games.

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