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One our strong side is the ability to provide a very wide range of products that suits every budget. We offer our customers the best prices without compromising quality. Besides grass, we also provide you all the auxiliary materials such as infill materials or installation tools that you will need during installation process. One-point solution to all your needs regarding artificial grass.

What kind of artificial grass can ILKESPORT produce?

ILKESPORT produces artificial grass for all types of sports and landscaping.

Is ILKESPORT able to produce custom made product for exclusive projects?

Yes. For the artificial grass, we can produce the desired possible sizes for pile height, stitches, and gauge on request for your projects.

Which countries is ILKESPORT exporting to?

So far we have exported over 25 countries and can export all over the world.

What is the yearly manufacturing capacity of ILKESPORT?

Currently, we have 5.000.000 sqm annual production capacity.

What is the lead time of ILKESPORT of 40” container?

We can manufacture all types of turfs within two to three weeks after order confirmation for a 40” container. Shipping and transportation can vary depending on your location.

Which technology do ILKESPORT use in the factory?

We are renovating our machinery to maintain high quality and shorter lead times. Visiting tufting machines, backing lines and artificial grass exhibitions help us to follow up on technological innovations in the industry.

What are the artificial turf pile sizes ILKESPORT produce?

Depending on the product there are some standards. However, we can produce the desired pile height if it suits the product.

What does the ILKESPORT warranty cover?

ILKESPORT offers 5 to 10-year warranty depending on the location of the country. The intensity of sunlight is less in northern European countries in comparison to African countries. Please check warranty terms to have detailed information.
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Can I buy as from ILKESPORT a final user for a small project?

We are mainly manufacturing for bulk orders of wholesalers, distributors, and agents. For small quantities, we may redirect you to our local distributors.

Can I purchase from ILKESPORT as a wholesaler in huge quantity?

Of course. We manufacture and supply artificial grass for wholesalers, distributors, agents, and construction companies.