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Landscape Artificial Grass

Landscape Artificial Grass, Landscape Grass, Artificial Grass Landscape Products

Artificial Grass for Landscaping

ILKESPORT is the manufacturer of luxury and natural look landscape artificial grass that is used for various purposes. There are many application areas such as residential, commercial, DIY, golf, and city landscape for synthetic grasses. We are providing you effortless, eco-friendly and evergreen synthetic turf solutions for all of your needs.

We have various and colorful landscape artificial grass for every field you want. If you want a safe, solid, durable, long-lasting artificial landscape grass that always looks quality, you are in the right place. Our long-lasting grass has a guarantee of up to 8 years thanks to the installation of ILKESPORT.

With our competitive prices, you will save money and have excellent quality and with our various product range of innovative products, we are proud to offer a wide range of services to our customers. We trust our artificial turf quality and we guarantee this quality and Also ILKESPORT meets international standards and requirements.

We are proud to say that we have the best artificial grass for landscape field. ILKESPORT is the best manufacturer, supplier and installer of artificial grass for landscaping.

Landscape artificial grass is widely used in various colors and you don't have to use only green for the floor. You can create a visual feast by using various colors together. On one hand it can save money, and it can also create a visual level contrast.

Our artificial landscape grass is used not only for gardens and balconies, but also in various areas. We also have healthy and safe artificial turf for both your pets and your children.

If you want artificial turf to be long-lasting, you need to clean it regularly. However, the cleaning of artificial grass for landscaping is very simple. Are you curious about the maintenance of artificial turf used for landscape areas?

The installation of artificial turf used for landscape areas is as easy as maintenance. You can install your artificial turf yourself, but when it is installed by ILKESPORT, the possibility of incorrect installation of your artificial turf decreases. We install in a timely and professional manner that ensures your grass will stay pristine. Are you curious about the installation of landscape turf?

The ways in which our artificial turf can be used are limited only by your imagination. You can contact us immediately and have our quality artificial turf. Trust us because Quality is never a coincidence, always the result of smart effort.

We offer largest selection of synthetic turf products in the industry. There are many types of our landscape grass.

Landscape Artificial Grass Alesta

Alesta Landscape Grass

ALESTA consists of straight green and curly brown yarns. As the representation of its name, it is always ready for any condition and the right choice for landscaping areas.

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Landscape Artificial Grass Amazon

Amazon Landscape Grass

AMAZON is taking its name from wild forests in South America. Considering its dense stitching and realistic look, it absolutely deserves its name.

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Landscape Artificial Grass Amsterdam

Amsterdam Landscape Grass

Are you looking for truly realistic artificial grass? AMSTERDAM with its lush grass fibres has a natural appearance. It does not only look attractive, but also feels gorgeous.

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Landscape Artificial Grass Armada

Armada Landscape Grass

ARMADA is a type of artificial grass that is super-soft and flexible. First touch to ARMADA feels like love at first sight.

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Landscape Artificial Grass Jakarta

Jakarta Landscape Grass

Wouldn't you want an affordable type of artificial grass that still reflects the quality?We are proud to offer the economic choice without compromising on quality.

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Landscape Artificial Grass Manchester

Manchester Landscape Grass

Think about a grass that remains green throughout the year, MANCHESTER proved to do this.It is environment friendly because it does not contain any heavy metals.

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Landscape Artificial Grass Royal

Royal Landscape Grass

ROYAL has a soft and realistic quality with frizzy fibres.The lush green colour and brown curls give it a natural sight.

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Landscape Artificial Grass Savona

Flat Landscape Grass

FLAT is resilient, soft, and lifelike artificial grass. With its green and beige colour, it helps you feel the ultimate spring feelings along four seasons.

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